Exporting the SAP Area Menu

Having read the following query from my blog's statistics, "export whole menu tree in sap" I thought of putting a few words together as I have done this in part in the past using transaction code SE43 (Area Menu Maintenance).

By displaying the root node of an area menu with all the lower nodes expanded, one can export whatever is displayed as a text file as illustrated below.
Once having exported an area of interest, given a little madness one can try to extract the nodes and transaction codes for documentation purposes as I have done in the past.

Here is an example to ponder: PS Area Menu.

This was done in two stages. First in sheet "a" using a combination of staggered formulae with a fair amount of manual intervention where layout inconsistencies and other problems occur. Note that the "|" and "-" have been removed. The extracted results were copied and pasted as text into the presentation page i.e. sheet "PS". Conditional formatting is used for the level effect i.e. underline if a parent else, "|" to the left plus bold. Unhappily, blanks to the left of the text are also included in the paste step and must be deleted manually. All in all a lot of work for little gain. (Obviously, at the time I had too much time on my hands.)
But, exporting the entire SAP Area Menu is an exercise in futility. This menu comprises of embedded standalone sub-menus which are also repeated and sometimes recursive in various places, etc. There seemingly is no end to it.

So a little focus and restraint is advisable. Patience too, to accompany your insanity.

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