Results Analysis Valuation

Perhaps not the most exciting or compelling SAP topic. But, as I recall, there is an area of SAP Controlling that some, more than others, may grapple with. And it is Results Analysis (RA).

For the accounting minded, the calculation and handling of Work in Process (WIP) is a simple variant of Results Analysis.

The fuller breadth and depth of the Results Analysis functionality allows for complex revenue recognition and reserve formation needs with great accounting transparency in reporting as well as in financial accounting (via automatic posting).

For example, groups of cost elements can be individually managed such that while some can render the formation of WIP (Unbilled Costs) other groups can result in the need for one or more reserve types to be formed.

However, this particular post is not about getting into that level of detail. This post is simply about facilitating understanding and context.

It concerns an Excel document aimed at accelerating one's engagement with understanding the specifics of the behaviour of RA Valuation Methods. It attempts to do this by providing a customizing style framework with the applicable notes ready to hand, feature by feature. One’s engagement could be the interpretation of pre-existing definitions (SAP-standard or custom-built), or could be the design/redesign of a new desired outcome.

If you think you could use this document or would at least like to evaluate its usefulness, it can be downloaded by first clicking the following link and following through:

This document stemmed from my need for an overview and context of the numerous features that give rise to the underlying functionality. You will understand what I am on about when you view the document.

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